New Honda CR-V

Just when you thought the Honda CRV Malaysia was already pretty perfect, Honda have gone and improved it even further. Little adjustments that make a big difference, aesthetically and performance wise. Let’s start with its sleek new look. The new Honda CR-V comes with a curvaceous new hood and a classier front grille, which will certainly turn a few heads. And that’s not all, for that extra touch of style, 17” alloy rims have been added into the mix. Even the front and rear bumpers have been made sportier for better aerodynamics, while clearer lens reflectors, new fog lights and wide range reverse sensors take driver visibility and safety to the next level.

New Honda CR-V

Never judge a book by its cover? Well, the Honda CRV Malaysia is the exception to the rule. Inside, comfort levels have been further enhanced with the use of premium fabric upholstery, redesigned climate control knobs and a wider armrest. And to help you further relax, we’ve thrown in a new audio interface with a 6-disc CD changer along with a USB port. Combine this with the Honda CR-V’s improved sound proofing and you get a totally distraction-free ride.

When it comes to space, of course you’ll find all the practical and flexible functions of the Honda CR-V intact, such as intelligent rear seats that can be adjusted to suit your passenger and cargo needs, but what’s new is the double deck shelf divider to help you keep your cargo separated when you need to.

Honda CR-V

Performance wise, the new CR-V’s 2.0L i-VTEC engine delivers a powerful 150PS while producing lower emissions, which ensures greater fuel savings. Add this to its improved suspension layout, and you will truly enjoy being in the driver’s seat.

Honda CR-V

Perhaps the most interesting aspect to the new Honda CRV Malaysia is its safety features. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) has been added to enhance driver control by stabilizing the vehicle in adverse road conditions, especially when driving in the rain.

Honda CR-V

Its light but strong chassis features strategically placed structural support that makes this car a tough cookie indeed. And we’ve added dual side airbags with Occupant Position Detection.

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  4. Robert says:

    surely the modifications are worth noticing, what i is that the passengers front air bag and side air bags are redesigned for better safety. Even the new sporty grille and front look is much enhanced than before. As it was my favorite SUV, it remains so.

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