Honda Jazz Review

The Honda Jazz may be a real eye-pleaser but it is not exactly a car for just anyone. Sold in 115 countries, the 5-door hatchback is without a doubt very popular. The 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine has proven its class leading technologies, resulting in a highly responsive performance and fuel efficiency. Yet, its distinctive statement of sporty elegance will mostly resonate among those who pride themselves to be different and individualistic.

honda jazz

So how do you know if this Honda Jazz is for you?

For one, the New Honda Jazz now comes in Brilliant Orange, a fresh new colour that boosts its appeal. To enhance its sportiness, there is now a mesh front grille in gunmetal and improved aerodynamics on the front and rear bumper. The difference may appear slight but if fuel economy is what you are looking for, every little reduction of air resistance goes a long way to help you increase mileage.

Loved for its comfort and flexible utility mode, this remains unchanged, there is still the same ample head and legroom, and you can fold the seats three ways to maximize cargo space. The only difference inside the cabin now is the softly lit amber illumination that adds an air of sophistication against the new seat fabrics in blue and black.

However, nothing beats being inside a car that is constructed with a protective body. Honda’s G-Force Control Technology (G-CON) helps to absorb and spread collision energy, minimising the impact for both occupants and pedestrians. Inside, it is equipped with dual SRS airbags and other safety features like the ABS, EBD and Brake Assist which provides a more efficient braking system.

The driving experience is not just limited to its safe and quiet ride. Drivers will appreciate the large windshield that provides great front visibility and the extremely easy turning radius of 4.9m, which makes U-turns a breeze. Its nimble handling makes the Jazz easy to park or manoeuvre around congested roads, yet remains under control thanks to a combination of innovative technologies like Grade Logic Control, Shift Hold Control and a lightweight rigid body.

When you have all these fun and practical values in one gutsy, stylish package, all there is left to do is to get in and drive it like you a Honda Jazz. Read more on Honda Jazz User Review here.

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