Honda CRZ

Carrying the air of a sports car, the Honda CRZ retain its identity which was being passed down by the 80’s and 90’s Honda CR-X. Being introduced last year, this beauty strives to be an outstanding hybrid car with a sporty look. As a result, Honda Malaysia is able to carry this range and meet both its goal, to be an excellent hybrid car and have a sporty look.

Honda CRZ

The hybrid engine is able to bring this beauty to 35 mpg city/ 39 mpg highway which are good enough to be placed seventh on the EPA’s 2012 Hybrid Economy list. However, it falls short from the new Toyata Prius that possess a leading number of 51mpg city/ 48 mpg highway. Also to ensure it maintains its sporty look, a six speed manual transmission was implanted.

Honda CR-Z

Do not be confused with the word sporty and sport, because this Honda CR-Z is indeed sporty, but it is not a sports car. Why? Because from 0 to 60mph it takes around 8.5 seconds which is a weak number for a sports car, thus eliminating it from the sports car category.

Incorporated in the body system of the Honda CRZ, is the sixth generation parallel hybrid system called the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). A pan-caked like generator/ electric motor is mounted between both engine and transmission, but only works its wonders with the conventional combustion engine. When speed increases, the engine will cut off fuel allowing the electric motor to take control. Just like any other hybrid vehicle, the engine will remain silent when the car is stationery but will roar once again when it is time to move.

Also implanted in the system of Honda CR-Z is a 1.5litre four cylinder, 16 valve i-VTEC heart. Besides, an improved variable valve timing and lift system that is computer controlled were also installed. The function of such installation is to improve fuel efficiency while minimises its exhaust emissions. The heart is able to generate a maximum output of 113 horsepower at 6,000rpm with 107 pounds-feet of torque at 4,8000rpm. What’s more, to boost the energy produces, the 10-kilowatt electric motor adds an additional 13 horsepower when the vehicle is running at 1,500rpm with 58 pounds-feet of torque at 1,000rpm.

To manoeuvre this beauty, two transmissions are used. Firstly, the six speed manual transmission and secondly, the hybrid transmission with only three pedals. Drivers that enjoy riding in a manual car can get his/ her hand on the shift paddles located at the steering wheel, which provides 7 fixed speed ratios for the drivers to choose from, simply press the up or down button, drivers can now experience the sensation of a sports car while riding in a Honda CRZ. To have a real life experience of this beauty, do drop by Honda Malaysia’s outlet for a better look.

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