Honda Civic 2012

Honda Civic 2012

How come there 6 different Honda Civics for 2012? It is rather simple, really: Because most of us, from earth enthusiasts to road writers to carpoolers, are searching for our very own personal unique mixture of exactly what constitutes a Civic a Civic. In a nutshell, because we are all different.

Maximize milege using the Honda Civic HF or get gone within an Si or think purer ideas inside a Civic Hybrid or even the clean-burning Civic Gas. The brand new Honda Civic offers options as different and different as people themselves.

Civic Coupe

For 2012, every Civic is Sleeker and not only for style points. The graceful new shape can also be more aerodynamic, improving petrol efficiency.

Civic HF

Civic Si

Civic Hybrid

Civic Gas

Civic Hybrid

Everybody has their own concept of good, clean fun. Some get giddy compressing the final drop of walk out a gallon. So that they choose the Honda Civic Hybrid or new Honda Civic HF. Choose are all gifted with sufficient petrol-saving technology for less fill-ups

Civic HF

The Miracle Button
Push the ECON button, and also the Civic can transform itself right into a fuel-efficiency fanatic.(Unavailable on Si models.)

Energy, OR Discretion?
You select with eco-friendly and blue training bars, Eco Assist informs you the way economically you’re driving.

It may be known as the Civic HF. It is a specifically updated model which makes probably makes the most of each and every gallon.

All Natural Alternative
The brand new Civic Gas (available late 2011) will get its energy from compressed gas, a cleaner, low-pollutants alternative.

Civic Escape podCivic EX-L Sedan shown with Beige Leather and available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System

Escape pod? Command publish? Personal sanctuary? The suggestions above? We fitted Civic with thoughtful tools for any existence on the run. How they are being used can be you. Your Civic is going to be that which you allow it to be.

i-MID, The Right Path
Show what’s vital that you you about the intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) (LX and above).

From MPG to MP3
Display mpg, current song playing or perhaps a photo of the favorite pet as wallpaper. It’ s your call (LX and above).

Know What’s Ahead
FM Traffic includes the accessible navigation system.4 Don’t stick to the herd. Drive around it (EX and above).

Fell Free

Bluetooth as HandsFreeLink? keeps their hands on the wheel when creating calls (EX and above).

Some people are compelled to state our individuality having a heavy right feet and then we happily provide the Civic Si. In Coupe or Sedan, the 2012 Civic Si provides more energy, more torque and much more wow than ever before.

Civic Si Coupe shown in Sunburst Orange Pearl with available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System.

A Red-colored Hurry
Both Si Coupe and Sedan immerse the motive force within an exclusive interior with pulse-quickening red-colored lighting.

Revved U
No simple change light, the Si rev indicator shows six revoltions per minute stages, plus an i-VTEC indicator light.

You Are Able To Handle It
A 6-speed shifter and limited-slip differential take full advantage of the two.4-liter’s 201 horses.

Energy IS Understanding
The energy monitor shows current engine output. You and also the beating heart from the Si are actually one.

The Way You Roll
Large 17-inch alloy wheels create a statement. Covered with low-profile rubber, additionally they make haste.

When it involves safety, we put our variations aside. Using its impressive variety of standard security features,each and every Civic is made to help safeguard both you and your people, regardless of what model or trim.

Civic EX Sedan shown in Alabaster Silver Metallic

Six Airbags
Every Civic has standard front, front side and side curtain airbags that will help lessen the likelihood
(Honda reminds both you and your people to always buckle up. Children 12 and under are most secure when correctly restrained within the rear chair.)

Tire Pressure Monitoring
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the motive force when pressure reduction in any tire becomes considerably low. of injuries inside a collision.

Automatic Tensioning System
The leading chair devices are outfitted by having an automatic tensioning system that’s made to tighten the chair devices inside a moderate-to-severe frontal impact.

ACE Body Structure
The Honda-exclusive Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) physiology improves occupant protection and crash compatibility in frontal collisions.

Cpntrolled Preventing
The anti-lock brakes (ABS) maintain control throughout hard stops. Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) is applicable appropriate stopping pressure, for the way the automobile is dynamically loaded.

Vehicle Stability Assist
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) helps sense oversteer or understeer, and brakes individual wheels and/or reduces engine energy to keep for your intended course. (VSA isn’t a replacement for safe driving. It wouldn’t correct the vehicle’s course in most situation or make amends for reckless driving. Charge of the automobile always remains using the driver.)

Front Seats and Head Restraints
The Civic’s new front seats and mind vices happen to be designed to become less complex than individuals with active front mind vices while still supplying the required protection. The brand new seats happen to be designed to achieve the occupant’s mind and torso move together, helping reduce the probability of whiplash injuries inside a rear-finish impact.

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34 Responses to Honda Civic 2012

  1. Vince Lee says:

    When is Civic 2012 start selling in Malaysia?

  2. fan kam thong says:

    love honda – Civic Hybrid…

  3. Shweta Das says:

    The information provided on honda city car was very useful.It is always good to know that their are blogs so dedicated

    to providing information that is seriously concerned with the reader’s needs.Thanks for sharing your insights with us

    through your blog.

  4. Pr Lee says:

    If Civic SI appear in Malaysia, I would like to have one

  5. izwan says:

    my source from honda says next year.. price wise no idea..

  6. ck says:

    wow, i had bought a new a honda insight last month. It’s really econ save. I am waiting the new coming honda civic. I will recommend it for my family members n friends. Cheers!!!

  7. amy says:

    which design will enter msia? confirm next yr? what is the different wif current model. cos im just booking current civic haih

  8. Soon Sim says:

    I Like Honda!!!!

  9. Ananth says:

    Seriously giving advice from my bad experince DO NOT BUY HONDA CIVIC cause between 3 yrs 5 major breaks down and need week to reover and DONT BUY HONDA PRODUCT cause the support really useless example: problem: Engin over heat,aircon failure,VSA failure, coolent water tank dry off and honda justification… due to climax,usgae of the car and ..the best answer will be ROAD CONDITION…

    • admin says:

      hi Ananth,

      So far I am driving civic too, but may be my car is consider under run, so no problem for me and my car is almost 2 year already

    • Max says:

      i don’t know what’s wrong with your car, but my 9 year old civic never had a major breakdown. and 4 years driving kl-kemaman(620km) almost every week.

    • Bibi says:

      my brother civic also face d same prob, engine over heat n air cond failure…

  10. cheah says:

    are u all sure this is 2012 honda civic??

  11. devs says:

    hi. good evening to everyone.
    i need some advice on my car honda civic 1.8. when i was driving over 140 there is some unbalancing sound at my left tyre. i already do the balancing last week but i still face the same problem. pls help me to give some advice.



  12. Ahyim says:

    hi.. good morning all.. please give me some advice is it 2012 civic will be released end of this year as i just planned to book civic after this hari raya.. if i’m proceed to buy this civic, is it my civic value will have a huge depreciation value after new model civic come out.. what will be the expexcted price for civic Si..

  13. civic fans says:

    how much in rm?

  14. Rooney Ravi says:

    I think honda civic 2012 is awesome!!!

  15. adam says:

    my wife bought a new city a year ago. It was underpowered, gave a rattled sound since the first month and honda failed to correct it. The service is poor, always giving excuses that there are many cars, my neigbour’s city has problems with power window and we thought only proton produced low quality windows. I always love the civic but due to this experience when i need to change cars in march 2011 i forgo the civic

    • admin says:

      hi Adam,

      My self are driving Civic for almost 2 year, and so far not much problem to me. Probably because my car under run, but all the while no issue.

  16. noor says:

    hi honda admin..
    i really interested to this coming honda civic 2012.. should you please e-mail me once this car started to be selling in malaysia.. i would like to have it one.. hehe.. tq

  17. Bibi star says:

    I still decide to buy Honda civic but it’s confirm that civic new model will launch on early of next year ? Or I need to wait the new model before I book that. Anyone can give some suggestion for me, :)

  18. azhar says:

    If you love current civic and plan to buy wait yearend or beginning of next year. Expect discount for 2011 make.

  19. Ipoh says:

    I also plan to have one, hope it releases middle of next year. 😛

    • Honda fan says:

      For me….I won’t go for this 2012 model instead I plan to buy the current model before it goes off. Reason => It looks alike the current Honda City which I own one now…

  20. Jonathan says:

    Just bought a civic a month ago and this is my second Civic. So far I have no issue with all the Honda that I have own before. I sent my car to Honda Service Center for servicing every 5k and using genuine Honda parts. I have never sent them to other workshop for servicing.

    • admin says:

      that is great! I believe you should get the free service for 3 year rite? During my turn in year 2009, that time no offer, just half year 3 time free servicing. Too bad

  21. mandylua says:

    plan to buy new model honda civic, hopefully before CNY come out! 😛

  22. Sumi says:

    Can I know, when will the new Honda civic going 2 be launch and what’s the price range?

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