All New Honda Civic 2012

If you have ever dreamed of being seamlessly connected to smart technology while on the road, the All-New Honda Civic is the car for you. The latest Honda Civic weaves smart technology into powerful driving with a host of features packed into an elegant front centre console. With sleeker and sharper styling and improved body aerodynamics, it comes in 1.8S, 2.0S and 2.0 Navi variations.

The compact sedan’s new 5” colour Intelligent-Multi Information Display (i-MID) is located on the dashboard, where it becomes the central source of information such as drive status, vehicle warning messages, and an intuitive display of the music list being played. To cap it off, the driver can add in a touch of personality with the customisable wallpaper feature. All these options are easily toggled with a convenient push of the buttons on the steering wheel.

The All-New Honda Civic is equipped with a special feature, which is
Guidance Function. This function allows drivers to monitor the style
of driving through a simple and interactive colour-changing ambient meter that further supports a fuel efficient drive. During uneconomical driving, the meter will be displayed in Blue; it will turn Blue-Green when the driving becomes moderately fuel efficient and the meter turns Green during fuel efficient drive

The Civic 2.0 Navi variant further provides Rear View Camera Display to add visibility while reversing in tight corners, while a Built-in Navigation makes the Civic a worthy companion in manoeuvring through route options and traffic. Being Bluetooth-enabled, the vehicle also allows hands-free telephone with controls on the steering wheel.

Above and beyond this, the Civic also comes with Honda’s signature fuel-saving ECON mode function which allows the Civic to run on its fuel efficient form with just a push of the button.

The 2012 Honda Civic also provides the latest coveted automobile must-have, a keyless Smart Entry that allows effortless entry into the vehicle, matched with easy ignition at the push of an engine start/stop button. (Not available for the Honda Civic 1.8S variant)

For green-conscious car lovers, the All-New Honda Civic has a hybrid version, the 1.5L Honda Civic Hybrid. Also furnished with the Guidance Function, the Hybrid’s i-MID further allows the driver to monitor the energy flow and keep track of driving habits with the Eco Assist Scoring function. What is more, the new Honda Civic Hybrid runs on the new Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery which backs an increased output of 33% and it also weighs 9kg lighter as compared to its predecessor’s battery.

Complete with such intelligent technology, the All-New Honda Civic turns the entire driving experience into pure joy. To further experience the All-New Honda Civic, log on to and let your intuition take over

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Tyre Maintenance Tips

Follow these simple inspection tips to help you maintain your car tyres in good condition and ensure safety on the road.

Did you know that tyre wear as a result of improper maintenance and driving habits can shorten a tyre’s lifespan and be quite hazardous in an emergency? To get the most out of your tyres’ performance, we recommend following this quick and simple inspection to identify common wear characteristics.

Regularly check to ensure your tyres have the correct air pressure.

First, check your tyres for damage by looking out for any cuts, cracks or bulges and remove any stones or foreign objects that are lodged in the grooves. Uneven tyre wear happens quite often , especially on bad roads, and if not taken care of, could lead to slow punctures or blowouts.

You will know your tyres need replacement when the tread wear indicator is exposed. To check how far your tyre is worn, use a 20 sen coin and put it in the treads over the surface. If you cannot see the word “sen”, the tyre is okay. If you can, you should replace the tyre immediately.

Use the tread wear indicator to check how worn your tyres are.

While driving, feel for wobbling or vibrations at certain speeds caused by unbalanced rims. This typically leads to premature tyre wear or causes driver fatigue. If you feel your car start to vibrate, get your service centre to check the wheels on a balancing machine.

You can also check tyre pressures weekly and ensure that you are inflating the tyres with the correct air pressure as recommended in your vehicle handbook. The right amount of air pressure will not only give you better fuel mileage but also enhances vehicle handling. Note that new tyres tend to expand during the initial period, decreasing its inner pressure. Frequent checking will help you keep your tyres properly inflated.

Finally, do bear in mind that wheel alignment and balancing should be done whenever a tyre show signs of irregular or excessive wear, or at every 10,000 kms travelled. You will know that your car is out of alignment when the car pulls away from a straight line and into another lane.

Use the tread wear indicator to check how worn your tyres are.

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New Honda City 2012

Make heads turn with the New Honda City; With its enhanced looks, better fuel efficiency and augmented safety features, the newly rolled out Honda City is your choice of compact sedan for city driving.

The New Honda City 2012 will send thrills down your spine with its commanding front face, sporting a new chrome grille and meaty front bumper styling. From the back, its curves are accentuated by its updated rear bumper and a tail light redesign.

This feast for the eyes extends further with its newly designed multi-spoke alloy rims which are bolder and sportier – simply mesmerising.

The new stylish centre console manages the air-conditioner, temperature and air-flow system.

The thought of having dominance over this machine is irresistible once you climb into the cockpit to find a world of beautiful, chrome-accented controls and push buttons. The New Honda City central console is a joy to manage, with new and stylish chrome dials to control the air-conditioner, temperature and air flow system. Its triple meter cluster is illuminated with cool blue lights that give a sporty-tech appeal.

Enjoy greater luggage space with seats which are foldable by up to a 60:40 split.

Its light steering wheel is responsive, bringing you places with superb agility and manoeuvrability – made possible with a superior minimum turning radius of 5.0m and excellent shift control.

If you think this edition of the City is merely a facelift, think again. Top-of-the-range safety features balance its agility, with a Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system to stabilise the vehicle in unexpected situations or during tight cornering (Grade E variant only). Honda’s proprietary G-Force technology controls various forces upon impact, helping to reduce injury to occupants and pedestrians. Indeed, your passengers can be assured of tip-top safety in your new City amidst plush new upholstery and soft cushioning in a spacious cabin. The new rear centre headrest with three-point ELR seat belts allows the passengers to enjoy a comfortable yet safe drive. The new City provides larger luggage space made possible with its foldable rear seats that splits up to 60:40.

Travel in style with the new sporty triple meter cluster lighted up in blue providing better visibility of the odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption and range indication.

Powered by the City’s signature 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine, the Honda City is well-known for its sufficient fuel consumption without compromising engine output and environmental considerations. Efficient driving is prioritised with a new ECO indicator lamp that lights up when you are driving efficiently.

The new and attractive multi-spoke alloy rims are bound to attract attention.

If you desire the rush of beauty and agility combined with assurance of safety and fuel efficiency, look no further than the New Honda City, the ultimate machine for city driving.

* The New Honda City comes with a 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage for customers who keep to the
maintenance schedule. You can also enjoy up to 6 times free service until 100,000km. Terms and conditions apply.

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Honda Earth Dream Technology

Driving action to solve environmental dilemmas with Earth Dreams Technology. Honda aims for a breakthrough in eco performance while striving for superior joy of driving. (By 2020, Honda aims to reduce CO2 emissions for all products by 30%)

When Honda introduced the CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine in 1972 to tackle stringent emissions control, it gave them the confidence that more innovative engines could be designed to retain the Honda’s joy of driving – one that not only achieves good fuel economy but gives excellent power. The obsessive need to balance the two has become a characteristic of all Honda engines ever since, with the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System) and i-VTEC (Intelligent VTEC) later introduced to achieve this and with great success.

Pushing the boundaries further, “Earth Dreams Technology” is deemed to be Honda’s next generation technology for automobiles, designed to enhance driving performance and fuel efficiency even more. To pursue the joy of driving unique to Honda, the efficiency of the engine, transmission and electric-motor technology is further measured and improved.

Honda has already started implementing the gasoline engine starting with the mini vehicle N BOX. To realise high output and fuel efficiency, the original VTEC is refined to thoroughly improve thermal efficiency and minimise friction. A wide range of engine classes from 660cc to 3.5L classes will feature the technology.

Meanwhile, a compact diesel engine is also taking root to boast the world’s lightest body, top-of-class acceleration and fuel efficiency. This is made possible through optimised engine rigidity, thermal system, combustion pressure and reduced mechanical friction. Three CVT structures are also currently being developed for mini, compact and mid-size vehicles. The overall mechanisms are thoughtfully enhanced to realise a lightweight body and achieve a 5% and 10% increase in fuel efficiency (compared to conventional CVT) for the compact and midsize classes.

Other key features in this next generation set of “Earth Dreams Technology” includes a two-motor hybrid system with EV, Hybrid and Engine-Connected Driving Modes; a high efficiency, high output electric SH-AWD hybrid system that combines a 3.5L V6 engine for large-sized vehicles; and a compact, high efficiency electric powertrain for EVs.

Earth Dreams Technology is targeted to be ready for every category within three years and by 2020, Honda aims to reduce CO2 emissions for all products by 30%. Now that is something to get excited about as the world rushes to tackle the effects of climate change.


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Honda Insight Hybrid

Naturally Flexible with Honda Insight Hybrid
The actual understanding, this year, just became the latest update. The modifications are under no circumstances while each one has been recently thoughtfully created. The newest back and front fender, brand-new grill together with blue reflector underneath and also headlights which currently feature a shade of blue each signifies Honda’s innovative style which enables the revolutionary Honda Insight Hybrid, a new created and refined beauty.

Those who demand mileage are going to be grateful to recognise the brand new incorporates superior 1.3L i-VTEC + IMA Hybrid system that offers more gas mileage as a consequence of the enhanced power-train efficiency which lowers friction and offers improved CVT efficiency. Driving is a lot more entertaining and simple with the Eco Assist system which monitors the driving pattern and displays the impact what on the automobile’s gas mileage. With the drive from the ECON mode button, you will be possibly escalating fuel savings along with the IMA battery’s recharging pace.

Past an all-improved productivity on gas, the modern Honda Insight Hybrid also claims greater performance as a consequence of a good aerodynamic style that reduces running resistance and also fresh power saving fuel pump will trims down energy wastage.

Living up to its track record as being a definite suitable city ride, the new Honda Insight Hyrbid is actually added with noise insulation materials to be produced a more relaxed as well as calmer ride. Not only that, you’ll get a better back view now with the latest roof lining, more compact windsheild wiper, powerplant garnish and also reduced thickness inside the tail gate garnish. So if you’re fascinated, decisions on a selection of innovative shades for instance Super Platinum Aqua Metallic, Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl or Alabaster Silver Metallic can be made.

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Honda CRZ Hybrid

Naturally Exciting with Honda CRZ Hybrid

At this point, if you’d prefer the noise of motor revs; and you’re after some thing which has a sportier controlling, a Honda CR-Z Hybrid is definitely something else. Released last November in Premium White Pearl and from now, having innovative shades such as the beautiful Milano Red, Storm Silver Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl, this particular hybrid feels right for both freeways and turning trunk area trail which includes a nice responsiveness which doesn’t compromise on gas mileage.

For a tailored driving experience, the 3-Mode Drive System gives you easy control between Sport, Normal and ECON.

Great looks apart, one interesting aspect that will get adrenalines pumping is actually it’s 3-Mode Driving System that lets you handle a responses of the throttle, IMA and also steering the fingertips. Whilst the Sport Mode offers you a much more effective velocity and firmer steering feedback, the ECON Mode prioritises petrol efficiency and will help you retain the highest levels og Eco Assist function. In the Normal Mode, performance plus pollutants hit an excellent steadiness for almost all driving a vehicle conditions.

The 3 driving modes and other important driving feedback are reflected on the Illuminated Advanced Sports Meter Cluster.

In the market, by using a 6-speed manual transmission, this is the only hybrid having three pedals. It’s most important source of power is a 1.5L i-VTEC motor which mountains at 6,000rpm with 114 horsepower and features the proportions to obtain 124 horsepower when combined with the electric motor! Projecting self confidence at most position, the Honda CR-Z is a hybrid which tops the enjoyment factor and can turn heads on the road.

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Honda Jazz Hybrid

Naturally Fun with Honda Jazz Hybrid

In case you desire a small, eco-friendly vehicle that is big on gas and pleasurable, the one which appeals for your wallet and your heart, then these All-New Honda Jazz Hybrid will ideally fit your taste. The car’s architecture is much distinguished due to its usefulness plus lively handling. With the Honda Jazz Hybrid, you will benefit from the exact same chic foretaste, protection and interior comfort, without extreme fuel expenses.

The flexibility of these Honda Jazz is well-known which is saved in the hybrid listings. Not only is the cabin spacious due to the special design of gas tank, there are also additional boot room that is up to 846 litres! With the dynamic ULTRA Seats that could be converted, turned and modified, you can get diverse energy to produce extra opportunity.

The actual Honda Jazz Hybrid is powered by two distinct energy sources, the 1.3L i-VTEC engine as your main power source as well as the IMA system that provides extra power when needed. The actual Intelligent Hill-Start Assist function gives terrific significance towards the car by blocking roll back. This Honda Jazz Hybrid possess what is required to make car owners happy, a gorgeous build-up, with comfort and ease, protection, and most importantly, an ideal equilibrium among fuel economy and performance.

Naturally safe and secure with six SRS airbags

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Honda CRZ

Carrying the air of a sports car, the Honda CRZ retain its identity which was being passed down by the 80’s and 90’s Honda CR-X. Being introduced last year, this beauty strives to be an outstanding hybrid car with a sporty look. As a result, Honda Malaysia is able to carry this range and meet both its goal, to be an excellent hybrid car and have a sporty look.

Honda CRZ

The hybrid engine is able to bring this beauty to 35 mpg city/ 39 mpg highway which are good enough to be placed seventh on the EPA’s 2012 Hybrid Economy list. However, it falls short from the new Toyata Prius that possess a leading number of 51mpg city/ 48 mpg highway. Also to ensure it maintains its sporty look, a six speed manual transmission was implanted.

Honda CR-Z

Do not be confused with the word sporty and sport, because this Honda CR-Z is indeed sporty, but it is not a sports car. Why? Because from 0 to 60mph it takes around 8.5 seconds which is a weak number for a sports car, thus eliminating it from the sports car category.

Incorporated in the body system of the Honda CRZ, is the sixth generation parallel hybrid system called the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). A pan-caked like generator/ electric motor is mounted between both engine and transmission, but only works its wonders with the conventional combustion engine. When speed increases, the engine will cut off fuel allowing the electric motor to take control. Just like any other hybrid vehicle, the engine will remain silent when the car is stationery but will roar once again when it is time to move.

Also implanted in the system of Honda CR-Z is a 1.5litre four cylinder, 16 valve i-VTEC heart. Besides, an improved variable valve timing and lift system that is computer controlled were also installed. The function of such installation is to improve fuel efficiency while minimises its exhaust emissions. The heart is able to generate a maximum output of 113 horsepower at 6,000rpm with 107 pounds-feet of torque at 4,8000rpm. What’s more, to boost the energy produces, the 10-kilowatt electric motor adds an additional 13 horsepower when the vehicle is running at 1,500rpm with 58 pounds-feet of torque at 1,000rpm.

To manoeuvre this beauty, two transmissions are used. Firstly, the six speed manual transmission and secondly, the hybrid transmission with only three pedals. Drivers that enjoy riding in a manual car can get his/ her hand on the shift paddles located at the steering wheel, which provides 7 fixed speed ratios for the drivers to choose from, simply press the up or down button, drivers can now experience the sensation of a sports car while riding in a Honda CRZ. To have a real life experience of this beauty, do drop by Honda Malaysia’s outlet for a better look.

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First Honda Civic

In 1972, Honda Civic was born out of the need to develop an economical “people’s car”. Instead of a rear-wheel-drive layout, the Civic was built as a front-wheel-drive with decreased thickness of steel sheets to achieve new levels of vehicle lightness. With the Civic, Honda also introduced independent strut-type suspension into the compact car market, giving the car a sportier drive.

1st generation civic

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Honda Zero Emissions Vehicles

Ever wondered what our future society would look like? Based on collective efforts in managing greenhouse gas emissions globally, the speed and intensity of which new technologies are implemented could very well accelerate our dream of achieving a clean, healthy society with zero emissions.

The effectiveness of the solar-powered charging station and Honda ’s electric vehicles are being tested at the prefectural facilities in Japan to help realise a low-carbon mobility society.

For Honda, this is not a mere castle in the air. In fact, the dream of realising a low-carbon society is gaining traction and may soon be within reach for some communities. In a race to achieve clean energy for everyone, Honda has started testing programmes for its range of next-generation personal mobility products in Japan (Saitama and Kumamoto prefectures) and the US (Torrance, California), and plans to launch a similar programme in China.

Quick chargers are available around the prefectures and as an added convenience, drivers can search for charging station locations via their smartphones that are connected to the InterNavi system.

The programme is aimed at designing greener solutions and enhancing the quality of life of local communities by testing Honda’s electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric scooters and power products based on electromotive technologies in real-world urban transportation environments. Honda’s devoted vision of achieving a low-carbon mobility society means that the residents of these selected cities are getting a fresh taste of the future.

In the on-going trial with the respective cities, residents are encouraged to share the EV facilities in their area while Honda evaluates the convenience of its use and benefits. This real-world study is certainly notable, as it helps determine optimal locations of EV charging stations based on the travelling routes used by the local citizens – this includes senior citizens who get to experience the convenience of using the Monpal ML200 electric carts while students and local business operators are encouraged to test the EV-neo electric scooters on short journeys to school or during business deliveries. Even the electric vehicle and plugin hybrid vehicle is available for residents and tourists to expand its usage.

Always placing the customers at the heart of their initiatives, Honda is also testing a support tool using the InterNavi Premium Club services to improve customer convenience and safety. Honda developed this unique interactive information network service to deliver real-time information to the driver from the InterNavi Information Centre, such as Honda’s solar-powered charging stations. Using either a smartphone or a car navigation screen, customers can search for charging stations, set destinations, confirm vehicle conditions as well as access ecodriving information – all of which ultimately works to make navigation on a Honda EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle more enjoyable.

While the Electric Vehicle Testing Program has been running for a year now, it may still be too early to pioneer a shift in society’s adoption in electric vehicles. It surely is not time yet to say goodbye to petrol stations but we are certain that Honda will continue exploring the potential of greener mobility for a cleaner tomorrow.

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